Translating Mountains

Winner of the Mslexia Magazine Poetry Pamphlet competition (2017) One of Leaf Arbuthnot’s favourite pamphlets of 2017 in the Times Literary Supplement ‘Reddick sets a sombre music behind the rawness of loss, like a glimpse of her mountains in the distance’ – PN Review  ‘It’s impossible to read this collection without being moved’ – New Welsh Review ‘This is a beautifully structured pamphlet that offers the reader a deeply felt sufficiency’ – WriteOutLoud   In Translating Mountains, Yvonne Reddick brings us vivid, moving and heartfelt poems that explore grief for a beloved father and a close friend who both died while mountaineering. The author tells of her own love of hiking in these stunning landscapes, with peaks and placenames often in a craggy and atmospheric Gaelic. A series of poems about the author’s ancestor, an Alpine crystal-hunter, glitters with the language of geology. Full of tension, emotion and action, this is writing that grips our attention. The mountaineer’s love of risk has its parallels with the perilous risks we are taking with the natural world. Full of poems that are both hymns and elegies, Translating Mountains introduces us to a striking new voice, with a distinctive Scottish focus.

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Ted Hughes: Environmentalist and Ecopoet

‘The first book-length study of Hughes to focus entirely on his engagement with environmental and ecological issues. It is very thoroughly researched, lucidly written and critically acute. An important merit is that is examines each stage of Hughes’s career in historical context, thus avoiding anachronistic retrospective criticism. Perhaps the most important change it makes to our understanding of Hughes is that he emerges as a public intellectual, rather than the reclusive poet of popular perception.’ (Neil Roberts, Emeritus Professor, Sheffield University, UK)

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These poems live and breathe a haunting sense of earth-love. The poet ‘needs the darkness to breathe with beasts.’ … ‘How It Feels’ takes you on a journey past a first memory to ‘how it feels to keep being born,’ the words ‘to keep’ adding yet another layer… The pamphlet is precision fearlessness, and marks, I feel, the auspicious outset of a fascinating and unusually gifted poet. – Shearsman Review

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The Apple Anthology

Co-Edited with George Ttoouli

Featuring poets: Mario Petrucci, Jackie Wills, Janet Sutherland, Andy Brown, Gerry Loose, Joel Lane, Alec Finlay, Deborah Tyler-Bennett, Sue Butler, Ben Armstrong, Sophie Mayer, David Hart, Rupert Loydell, Carol Watts, Mark Goodwin, Claire Trevien, Eleni Philippou, Wayne Burrows, Adam Crothers, Alison Brackenbury, Carina Hart, Giles Goodland, Alistair Noon, Amy Cutler, Chris McCabe, Helen Moore. Plus apple-inspired essays, prose and more, with a prologue by David Morley.

Available here: Nine Arches Press